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Creative Ways to Propose

Happy February everyone!

Since February is the month of love and I’m a hopeless romantic who spends her Saturday nights enjoying romantic movies, like The Notebook, The Proposal, Friends with Benefits, The Time Traveler’s Wife, and The Vow, I thought I’d share some of my favorite marriage proposals with y’all.  (Side note: Did you all notice Rachel McAdams stars in 3 out of 5 of those movies? I just love her!)

Warning: These videos are known to create waterworks!

The first marriage proposal is my favorite.  It’s a very thoughtful proposal that not only included his future bride’s family, but also displayed how much he truly loved his girlfriend and wanted to make the movies jealous.

My next video is a pretty cool video that incorporated a FLASH MOB at Downtown Disney!  I absolutely love flash mobs.  The real fun starts at the 1:26 minute mark.

This last video brings the phrase “Lights, Camera, Action” to a whole different level! I’m sure it took him a while to coordinate those offices with the message but to him, it was well worth it.

If you haven’t had enough of some awesome marriage proposals, here’s 25 more that’s sure to make you shed a tear! Share the love everyone!


2 thoughts on “Creative Ways to Propose

  1. Kiarra,

    I wasn’t convinced when I started this post, but the first proposal got me. I actually watched the whole thing. It was pretty amazing.

    The only issue I have is that you used so much video that you didn’t add much of your own thinking or other perspectives. Be careful with using too much video – it can come across as taking the “easy” way out. I think you had an overall point here, but I came away not really sure what it is. Even if it was just to enjoy and take it in – or think about your own love – or take the step when you are afraid – any of those thoughts would have given me a sense of your contribution to the post.

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