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Your DeKalb Farmers Market :-)

Today I had yet another wonderful experience at Your DeKalb Farmers Market in Decatur, GA.  If you are not familiar with this farmers market, you should be.  My first experience here was in June 2012.  I had been living in Atlanta for 6 months without taking the opportunity to enjoy this place.  Then one day after revealing I had never been, my sweet Barbadian friend took me on a unique journey to the world of fresh food.  Everything was fresh. Foods from various countries were available.  People of all kinds and nationalities were everywhere. It was something I had never seen before.

As we walked around the building or warehouse as I like to call it, I viewed the different kinds of produce and countries each item originated from.  I noticed all of the employees were foreign and were fluent in 2 or more languages.   Many of them were hard to understand, but all of them were very helpful in their own way. So as we continued our walk through the produce section, I paid close attention to prices.  As we all know, in today’s economy price comparison is very important and I felt like I struck gold.  The produce was almost half the price of produce purchased at your regular grocery store which made me all tingly inside.  The meats were fresh and already cut.  The dairy products were packaged nicely and reasonably priced.  I felt as if this market could do no wrong by me. 

On our way out, I stopped by the bakery to get some sweets for the road.  It literally took me 10 minutes to decide what I wanted.  I was amazed at the variations of desserts and flavors.  My choices included cakes cheesecakes, pies, tarts and coffee cakes of all kinds.  I settled on a slice of pecan pie and a red velvet cheesecake. 

Now after all the damage was done, we made our way to check out.  Again, there were people everywhere.  But surprisingly, check out was fast.  The cashiers were quick and carefully bagged our items.  I was very pleased with my experience and will be shopping here bi-weekly.  For other great reviews, click here!


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