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What has blogging done for me


So here we are! I’m six posts into my blogging experience and I think I’m actually getting the hang of it.  I did not see this coming…AT ALL. By “this”, I mean sharing my thoughts on a public website with people I don’t know and actually valuing what they have to say.  I can be very sensitive of my work and when it is contested, I become defensive.   I expected people to comment on my blogs and to provide feedback on my opinions.  I wanted people to let me know their thoughts (in a nice way of course) and share some of their thoughts and experiences with me.  I didn’t receive the amount of feedback I originally thought I would get but since I’m in the beginning phase of blog writing, I can understand why.

Surprisingly, it’s been quite fun and inspiring.  Of course it’s fun to speak your mind and learn what others think of your opinions, whether they agree or disagree.  However, I say it’s been an inspiring journey, because after each of my posts, I’ve paid more attention to my surroundings to gather more ideas to blog about. also has a hand in increasing my attention span on these topics.  I can search for a topic and all of a sudden, I have hundreds of other ideas to write about.  It’s a researcher’s heaven.  Netvibes allows users to create dashboards for different topics and generates news articles, videos, imagery, and more pertaining to that topic. Interesting right?  It has definitely made it easy for me to research and some of my views have even been broadened when reading articles generated on Netvibes.

With that being said, blogging has definitely changed my perspective on the opinions of others.  I learned there are pros and cons of being a blogger (just like everything else in life).  Everyone will not agree with your thoughts, but it is important to respect their opinions when expressed in a tasteful manner.  Engaging with those who follow you and faithfully comment on your blogs is important as well.  When you make an effort to respond to a follower’s comment, it shows them you care about their opinions and want to engage in further conversation with those who took time to read your blog.

Engaging in conversation is important when discussing political and social issues.  Not only are you discussing topics containing grey areas, but you’re also discussing topics that are sensitive to some.  When people are sensitive and passionate about an issue, your post about that issue affects them more.  For this reason, I think blogging is a great form of politicking for non-profit organizations.  I came across an interesting blog, via Netvibes, about the best non-profit blogs and I think this is further proof that non-profits that are passionate about their various causes should pursue blogging.  Blogging, as I said before, caused me to be more attentive to other blogs.  Well this is true for activists of a particular issue.  When non-profits use blogs to get the message out about their organization or campaign, those organizations are making readers more attentive to their issues at hand and therefore causing them to become more passionate and eventually act on that issue which is the ultimate goal of a non-profit.

Now that you’ve understood part of my blogging experience, tell me how has blogging benefitted you?   Do you find yourself paying more attention to others’ opinions? Have you been probing your followers for ideas and thoughts? If you said yes, we’ve had similar blogging experiences.  Thank you for stopping by and travelling this journey with me.


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