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Inspiration for the Jobless Soul


It’s been well over three months since graduation.  After leaving the world of college and transitioning into a sports professional, I’ve learned so much about myself only life can teach me.  Upon the end of my graduate assistantship (which I absolutely loved), I began to worry myself sick about this job hunt.  Fortunate enough to find work during this job search, I began what seemed like a never ending cycle.  I work. I come home. I apply for jobs. I worry about gas & grocery money. Watch Touched by an Angel (Can you believe my first time seeing an episode was last month?). I sleep.  Wake up and do it again the following day.  I WAS MISERABLE! I’m sure many of you currently going through the job search process can relate in some way.  I’ve been doing this pretty much daily for the past three months. Well today, I was enlightened and assured that God is still looking out for me and has a plan in place.  After numerous conversations with friends, family, colleagues, past supervisors, so on and so forth, I’ve come to the conclusion that this process can only be what I make of it.

My light bulb moment came after interviewing for an exciting position with an organization that shall remain nameless.  Unfortunately, I spent most of the day thinking of the glass being half empty.  Instead of focusing on the opportunity to gain experience in an industry that I am most passionate about, I chose to focus on the hours and pay.  After putting myself in unnecessary distress, I prayed. I prayed for God to send me a sign to make the right move. I prayed for guidance and peace of mind (I’m a worrier so this was very necessary). After this prayer on the ride home, something told me to stop by this company I’ve been eyeing for the past few weeks to inquire about jobs. So I did and it was such a pleasant experience.  I walked in, introduced myself, and asked if opportunities were available.  Shortly after my introduction, the receptionist/HR representative asked me to fill out an app.  During my time there, we had a wonderful conversation which lasted about an hour.   She said she would recommend me for the job and liked the way I “walked in” to seek opportunities.  She can never understand my appreciation for her just listening to me. To know she enjoyed my presence was one thing, but knowing she’s previously been in my position lets me know that I’m not alone.  I’m never alone because no one receives success without struggle. Not knowing anything about this company or what they do, I took a chance and simply ASKED. And not knowing anything about me, she extended a helping hand.

As a young job seeker, the job hunt IS a full-time job. Searching for job opportunities, writing a cover letter, completing an application, following up with the app, networking, etc. are all apart of this full time job of job search and I’m glad to finally learn how I can succeed in this role.  To my fellow job seekers and those of you looking to change careers, don’t be discouraged. Stop making yourselves miserable and think positively.  Search for motivation through success stories, my favorite is Oprah’s, and feed off those positive messages.  Keep yourself busy with blogging, photography, or other enjoyable hobbies. And most importantly, DON’T GIVE UP! Keep walking that extra mile and hang in there. Your day, job, or whatever you heart desires is coming.

Do you have a story to share? Post a comment or shoot me a message.  Let’s share stories.  THANKS FOR READING!



2 thoughts on “Inspiration for the Jobless Soul

  1. Kiarra, keep pressing on! I know that you are bound for great things. Don’t let anything discourage you or slow you down in pursuit of your dream! Definitely keep Judi and I updated on your job search! We miss you!!

    1. Hi Anna Kate! *waves aggressively* Thanks for reading! I’m not a “giver-upper” so I know something great is going to happen! Thank you for the encouraging words! I will surely stay in touch! I miss you all, The whole office! Now I’m getting sad lol. How’s Ms. Judi? She didn’t respond to my email 😦

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