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Be Inspired To Inspire

Sorry for the wait! I’ve been doing some additional soul searching as well as getting accustomed to my new job.  This 8-5 schedule is no joke. How do you guys manage it?

Anywho, this week has been another eye-opener for me.  I’ve been inspired by so many different people through social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc.  90% of these inspiring people have no idea I exist.  But that’s the beauty of life and being inspired.  You never know who’s watching you and your words may be the spiritual message that soul seeker may need.

Since my internship with Hometeam Brandon Leak a.k.a. my mentor, brother, friend, etc. and Atlanta’s 680 The Fan, I’ve been wanting to learn more about radio broadcasting and production of a radio show.  This new-found curiosity has sparked my interest in Atlanta’s popular morning radio show on V103, The Ryan Cameron Morning Show.  I’ve listened to it faithfully this summer and realized just how much of an inspiration I want to be to others.  I had the pleasure of meeting Ryan Cameron at the Atlanta Hawks Casino Night back in March (another perk of interning with the hottest sports radio station in Atlanta).  He was just as pleasant in person as he seems on radio, another reason I’m a new fan of his show.  Now that I listen, I find inspiration in the forms of guests, social media, and even listeners.  I remember one morning I was on my way to work at Crabtree & Evelyn and Ms. Antoinette Tuff was a guest.  If you’re not familiar with her story, she was the brave soul who used God to convince a troubled young man that God loves him and not to kill the many students at McNair Discovery Learning Academy in Atlanta.  She talked about how scared she was during the moment and the faith she had in God.  She also shared that she has a multi-disabled son and her husband had left her.  If this woman could get through her trials, I could surely get through my job search.  More recently during my lunch break this week, I was scrolling through IG as usual and saw a pic of Kendra G, another personality on the RCMS.  I went to her page since I like to see what people on radio actually look like ha ha.  While being nosey, I came across one of her #tbt photos.  It was a photo of her in a blue dress with a Philly hat on.  More importantly, the caption was about her stepping out on faith and leaving Philly for Atlanta after being laid off from her radio job one year ago to that date.  Reading that caption made me teary-eyed because it proves God’s plan for us always exceeds our own.  That message came at the perfect time since I had been stressing myself over an upcoming interview the entire week.  Yes, I received a job offer and interview invitation within an hour of each other…I’ll elaborate on that in a later blog AFTER the interview but that was all God).

To finally conclude this piece, this message was to inspire my readers and hopefully provide the answer to your constant prayers.  God has His way of using others to send us messages and give us the answers we seek. Inspiration is all around us.  You may not see it now, but He’s working.  He’s working to provide your every desire.  He’s giving you strength to carry on and you don’t even know it yet.  He’s blessing you right now and you may not see it for another week, month, or year.  Everything happens for a reason. Every decision you make is a set up for the next achievement but you gotta trust and believe in Him.  He’ll show you the way. I promise!

Have you been inspired? Does someone see you as an inspiration? Share it with me in the comment section.  Thanks for reading!


46631_10200118211730341_298512023_n One of my first interviews with former Philadelphia 76ers Coach, Doug Collins


2 thoughts on “Be Inspired To Inspire

  1. This is great inspiration. Changed my outlook on everything I’ve been going through these last few months. Made me realize that things happen in due time.. Great work Ki!

  2. Thanks hun! Timing is everything when it comes to your blessings. Be patient but continuing doing the work it takes to get you to your desired destination 😉

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