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Prepare for Your Dream

On yesterday as I was driving to work, I had a vision.  This vision was a confirmation of all the ideas and dreams I have had for what I want to do with my life in the near future.  This vision was so amazing and realistic that I couldn not help but believe it will one day come true.  Well today I attended Word of Faith in Austell, GA and the entire service pretty much confirmed my vision.  Before the message, Bishop Dale C. Bronner invited Richard Montanez, VP Multicultural Sales & Community Promotions of Pepsi Co to share his story and share some wisdom with the congregation.  If you’re not familiar with his story, Mr. Montanez began his career as a janitor, yes janitor, for Frito Lay.  He is the man behind the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos that we love today.  He took a popular snack, tweaked it, and turned it into billions of dollars in revenue for the company.  Now imagine had he allowed a naysayer to dissuade him from actually pitching it to the Frito Lay President because he was just a janitor.  If that was the case, he wouldn’t be where he is today.  What I took from that message was not to let a title hold you back from doing what you are destined to do.  Don’t let anyone tell you you’re just an intern or a garbage man or a secretary.  When you do your job, do it with pride and keep working towards your destiny.  God’s plans for you are greater than you could ever imagine and no one can take that away.

Now moving on to Bishop Bronner’s message…I take notes during church so I’ve just copied them below.  I hope this message helps you in some way as it has surely helped me.


Do your best, prepare for the worst. And trust God to bring you victory.
Anything worth having, you’ll have to fight to get to it.
You must be willing to take a risk to go after the sweet things in life.
A SYSTEM saves you stress time energy & money.
Faith is not a substitute for wisdom and hope is not a strategy.
The wisdom of God produces strategy.
Job 33-14-15
God deals with mankind through dreams and vision.
Failure is the womb of success.
You have to want what God wants for you. Don’t try to put on someone else’s armor. Must be comfortable in own your skin.

Preliminary questions to ask yourself when preparing for your dream:

*Is this my Dream or God’s dream for me?
*Does the dream serve my desires or does it serve others?
*Do I have the resources to fund it or do I have to trust God for the resources?
—If God gives you a dream and you can bank roll it, your dream is too small.
*Can I accomplish it on my own or do I need the help of others?
*Does it make me feel good and be filled with pride or does it bring glory to God?
*Will the dream die when I die or will it carry on?

You always need someone in your life who becomes your reference point for how to dream, dare, and die. You need someone with audacity.  You need folks that show you how to die…willingly, joyfully, gracefully, and even with dreams in their heart. Don’t ever get to a place where you stop dreaming.
Find what God wants to do for you. Live the passions that God has placed in you.
You don’t get what you want. You get what you PREPARE for. You can’t can’t want success and prepare for failure.
Whatever you want to happen in your life, schedule it to happen.
Real change happens over time. The dream may seem impossible to you but it will happen if you give it time.  Bishop Bronner used the video below to explain what can happen over time…

Watch from the 0:09 second mark to 3:11 mark…

Dreamers are always looked at as crazy at first. Be careful who you share your dreams with.

How to turn your dream into reality:
*See it! Always start with the end in mind and believe it will happen.
*Identify your limiting beliefs
*Pray as though it is all up to God!
ASAPAlways say a prayer…
Pray ahead of the devil.
*Work as if it’s left all up to you.
Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most.
*Set smart goals to gradually achieve your dreams…specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time sensitive
*Create a plan of action. Do something every day in the direction of your dream. Making a phone call. Meeting with your mentor.
*Allow others to help you.  Teamwork makes the dream work.
*Don’t make excuses.  An excuse gives you permission to stay where you are. Anything you really want, you’ll find a way to do.
*Make sacrifices. A sacrifice is about suffering for what you love. Giving up something good in order to get something better.
*Celebrate small victories along the way. Woman’s husband taking out trash.
*Never give up
*Be willing to fail. First attempt in learning.

End is not the end, it means effort never dies. NO means next opportunity
Sin is always the result of an unmet need.
Attempt something so great for God that it is doomed to fail except God me in it.


6 thoughts on “Prepare for Your Dream

  1. This gave me chills and confirmation as well! Pastor Dewey Smith taught something similar a few Sundays ago! He even said some of the same things! It’s amazing how God works! Best wishes to you with all that you do!

    1. Thanks hunny! What’s the name of the church? I would love to visit! God’s work is indescribable. Many times we questions why things happen the way it works to soon find out the reason. The message caught me off guard cause it was so vivid and on time.

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