The Naked Truth

The Hype of Complexions


It’s 2014 and I’m a little confused. I’m really confused because it’s 2014 and we are still having this light skinned versus dark skinned conversation.  Why is this still a conversation when we’ve supposedly progressed?  My problem is it’s always the dark skinned women who have issues with the light skinned women.  I take offense to this mainly because I am a dark skinned woman but also because this is not true.  For example, on Oct. 15th Rickey Smiley asked the infamous question….”Do dark skinned women have a problem with light skinned women?”.  This was an idiotic question that sparked an unnecessary debate.  However, I can see why he would pose this question.  I mean our strong black men are opting for light skinned and exotic looking women to star in their videos while advertising companies & movie directors are going for the lighter complected women in commercials and movie roles.  So we should be automatically haters of our fairer skinned sisters. I always wondered why my own people would say I was pretty for a dark girl.  That always bothered me as a kid so thank you society for the clarity. But at the end of the day, we are all black women and are still fighting the fight against racism and gender inequality.  Overall we are still living in the ways of Willie Lynch.  You know, the man who wrote the famous letter on controlling slaves by separating blacks(light vs dark) back in the 1700s.  He wrote this letter over 300 years ago, yet we’re still enslaved in the mind to sustain this subject rather than come together and appreciate all shades of blackness.  If you disagree then you’re truly living under a rock.  School Daze portrays it best in the hair salon scene.  In this scene, the light skin women (Wannabees) and the dark skin women (Jiggaboos) are going at it in a sing off.  Why the dark skin girls are called Jiggaboos still puzzles me but I digress.  To conclude my rant, I just wish we can stop treating light and dark skins as if it’s a race within itself.  We have much much larger issues to focus on like police brutality against our black men and black on black crime within our own communities and achieving equal opportunities as our white counterparts.  But go ahead, keep setting yourselves back by comparing complexions. *side eye*



4 thoughts on “The Hype of Complexions

  1. Right on! Black people have a long way to go before they stop all the nonsense. Interracial relationships based on colorism hasn’t helped, and the offspring that come out of it are often conceited!

    1. Thank you for reading! It’s so unfortunate because with the adversities we go through, we should be standing together. Instead, it’s light skin/dark skin this. Or worse, black folks not wanting to be 100% black. Wanting to be foreign/exotic and praising that preference. It’s truly hurtful.

      1. Yep… Or worse, your own people making a point of ridiculing their own people in favour of a smirking racist! Black people are going to see the light soon though.. Can’t

      2. Can’t pretend that things don’t happen, and side with unsavoury people and harm our own.. Black children need their good examples.. Not confused hateful individuals leading them.

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