This Nappy Hair of Mine

Protective Style Experiment

UPDATE: It’s 9/10/2015 and I’m going on 4 weeks into my latest style!  I am still loving the hair and I don’t want to take it down just yet.  It’s so freakin convenient and I’ve gotten use to doing nothing with my hair in the mornings lol.  I’ll probably take it down sometime next week or the following but I’m not keeping it in any longer than 5 weeks.  I have GOT to wash my hair one of these days.  I’ll upload some pics of the take down process.  I’m so excited to share this!

Hi everyone,

Fall is almost here and I’m so excited!  The summer heat didn’t bother me this year as usual, but I’m really excited about the seasons changing.  Cardigans & boots, Fall TV premieres, and new hair! Yes, new hair.

I’ve decided to commit to protective styles for the next 12 months.  Here’s a little fun fact about me…I’m an indecisive person who rarely commits to anything or anyone outside of my professional career and family & friends.  *SHRUGS* Which is why I’m so geeked about this “project”.  A few weeks ago, I noticed my hair was severely damaged and shedding heavily due to a number of reasons but mostly stress, coloring my hair, and not trimming my ends properly.  I transitioned for 8 months, have been completely natural for 19 months, and my hair still doesn’t seem to be growing as I would like so I decided to trim my hair but cut a little too much off.  Let’s just say my reaction was similar to when I big chopped and I was NOT happy with my new hair length.

Before slapping a relaxer in my hair due to frustration, I made the decision to install Crochet Braids.  It’s really easy and Youtube has many tutorials on it :). I installed them on August 18th and will do the castor oil challenge during this “experiment”.  I’m simply “greasing” my scalp with Jamaican Black Castor Oil every other night before bed.  You can use any brand of castor oils but I prefer this brand.  This is my favorite style because it’s super simple, quick, and inexpensive.  I currently have Freetress Gogo Curl hair installed and I plan to keep it in until mid September.  What I love about the Freetress hair (I also used Water Wave and Bohemian Curl) is the longer you wear the style, the more natural it looks. When the hair frizzes, I simply cut the frizzy pieces out. Other than that, the hair looks great!  At night, I tie a satin scarf around my hair and tuck it away in a satin bonnet.  In the morning, I literally shake and go!

I am unsure what my next style will be but I have a couple of weeks to figure it out.  I used all 5 packs of hair and the style took me about 5 hours (including washing, blow drying, braiding, and installation yasssss).  I’m excited to share my progress with you all and if you’re trying or have tried a similar experiment, please comment and share your experience/tips with me.  Below are some pictures of my natural hair, crochet styles in the past, and my current style.

September 2015, Don’t mind my face here. I was visiting my parents and the put me to work.  I wasn’t extremely happy about that.


August 2015, My current style. Crochet w/ Gogo Curl Freetress
July 2015, My hair before the epic cut


March 2015, Crochet Braids w/ Bohemian Curl Freetress *I think*


January 2015, Crochet braids w/ Marley Hair. I curled it myself using the purple cold rods. *This was my favorite!


December 2014, Crochet braids w/ Water Wave Freetress



Bonus pic of Sissy! This is regular Marley hair that wasn’t cut! I loved this style on her! She was much happier than she appeared on this picture.




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