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#ProtectiveStyleChallenge Part 2/Jamaican Bounce Hair Review

I’m back everyone! And with a new hairstyle.  As I said in my previous post, I am trying a new #ProtectiveStyleChallenge for a year! For month 2, I decided to go with crochet braids.  However, instead of Freetress hair, I’m using Jamaican Bounce’s Kanekalon Marley hair. The hair is pre-curled in the package so it’s every lazy (or busy) woman’s dream.  Yes, I didn’t have to roll the hair, dip in hot water, or wait for the hair to dry.  Genius right?!?  I found this hair during my search for my next style last month.  A stylist on Instagram, @im_justkey, used this hair for her crochet braids and had some positive reviews so I decided to give it a shot.

I used 4 packs at $8.99 per pack and installed the hair on September 16th. It’s been two weeks and so far so good.  I’m really particular with this hair because of course like all Marley braid hair, this hair gets frizzy but it’s nothing some scissors can’t fix. I find myself clipping frizzes about every 3 days which isn’t terrible. I am very careful during my morning and night routines because I like to get up and go in the mornings without ruining my style.  At night, I wrap my hair in a pineapple in a satin scarf as normal then I put all my hair in a satin bonnet.  Some nights when I feel like it, I tie a satin wrap around my edges to lay them down but that’s optional.

I’m really enjoying this style because the hair is so bouncy when I walk lol.  But I also love the huge curls. Now some women have separated the large curls into two smaller curls but I opted against separation to reduce frizz because as I said before, this hair does get frizzy.  Depending on how the next two weeks go, I will be buying this hair again.  Crochet braids is my favorite go-to style and anything that makes my life easier is a win for me.  Check out the pics below and thanks for reading!





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