This Nappy Hair of Mine

Protective Style Challenge Pt. 4

Hi All!

Thank you so much for sticking with me throughout this challenge.  I began in September and I’m now in the 4th month of my journey.  Which means I have a new style with new hair. It’s called Urban Soft Dread and it is absolutely amazing!

During my search on Instagram for a new style, I saw the #SoftDread hashtag.  I was amazed at how perfect and defined the curls were, I decided to try it for myself.  Although this hair is slowly gaining attention in the Atlanta area, I was happy to find it in my local beauty supply store.  I was even happier to find that the hair was a few dollars cheaper than what I had been previously paying for other styles.  For my current style, I used 3 packs of hair (cut in half) and each pack cost $5.99.

I used 2 packs of the color 1B and 1 pack of 1B/30(in the front).  Initially, I did not separate the curls as I didn’t want to take the chance with frizz or losing my large curls just yet.  However, I noticed it was harder to hide my braids in the back of my head since my hair wasn’t as full.  So after just a few days, I decided to unravel the curls.  And I LOVE it! My hair is so big/full and all I have to do is shake my hair and go in the mornings.  MY FAVORITE THING ABOUT PROTECTIVE STYLES.

It’s been a full week since installing my hair and so far, so good.  No problems with frizz whatsoever.  The hair is holding up extremely well and I haven’t had to cut any pieces yet.  Check out the pictures below and let me know what you think :-).


My “in-between protective styles” Twist Out
The hair in its packaging
All done! Side Note: This is one of my fav styles because my mommy ALWAYS had spiral curls back in the day.  I think we really look alike here.
I was still infatuated wit hthe look and took pics for days. I also noticed how my hair didn’t really look like braids here annnnd I had just rocked my Mama Mia to sleep!
The unraveling process!
And VOILA! All done!
Bonus pic: This is my wet hair a couple of weeks ago. Look at that shrinkage! I really hate my shrinkage because my hair always looks short with wash & gos and I feel like a little boy lol.  However, knowing how far I came from my big chop 2 years ago and even cutting my hair again 5 months ago, this is so worth it!

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