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2016, I’m Coming For You!



As 2015 comes to a close, I think of everything that has happened to me in this year.  The picture above was taken on New Years Day 2015.  My first time at an official gun range and it was so much fun.  I was with my friends spending some much needed friend-time.  I had no idea that this would be the beginning of a roller-coaster year for me.

Within the year, I switched from Sales to Event Management (Thank God) and got back to my calling.  Now I’m just working towards my ultimate goal of taking over the sports industry.  EXCITED!   But along with this job change came life lessons.  I became closer to God through my Fusion Atl family/Small group (which is actually one of my answered prayers), I learned the importance of budgeting my money properly, I learned to say NO even when I didn’t want to or it hurt to do so, I stopped feeling bad about not being able to please everyone, I learned to put ME first, I accepted being single, I somewhat embraced my natural hair and realized that maybe I am talented with this “hair thing”, I became okay with not having my life together at age 26, I gained a new work “framily”, I was blessed to be a leader/manager to a special group of kids, my amazing Mama Mia was born, I dated and dated and dated, I experience heartbreak through the deaths of my uncle and grandpa, I began to actually read my Bible and seek understanding, I took a mini vacay to the beach for my friend’s wedding yay, and soooooo much more.

Just typing all of those 2015 memories made me realize that 2015 really wasn’t the worst year of my life (as I previously thought), but it was necessary for my growth.  God humbled me in so many ways but more importantly He opened my eyes to His greatness and process of how He works.

I’m really excited to see what God has in store for me in 2016.  I’m also anxious to see what I do with my blessings and opportunities coming my way.  Every night I thank God for what’s to come because I know greatness is coming and with that being said I’m praying for a wonderful and prosperous 2016.

And on that note…Be safe, Have fun, and Have Happy New Year everyone!




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