This Nappy Hair of Mine

Protective Style Challenge Pt. 5

Happy New Year guys!  I’m so excited about 2016 and trying some new hairstyles over the next year.

Which brings me to the purpose of this post!  I have another crochet style to share with you! This time I used Janet Collection’s Havana Mambo Hair in 1B(back), 1B/33(middle), and 33(front).  This hair comes in 12 or 24 inches.  I went with 12 inches because personally 24 inches is too long and way too much hair for me.

I used my regular braiding pattern  for this style and it took 5 packs of hair.  This hair is just as soft and bouncy as the Jamaican Bounce hair I had a few months ago.   To be honest, I think it’s the same.  I’m approaching Week 2 since installing the hair and it’s still holding up.  I just untwisted this hair this morning and I’m FINALLY back to my bigger bouncier hair that I missed so much.  Everyone loved my hair while it was twisted but I love it even more unraveled.

My nightly routine is the same as always.  I wrap my hair in a satin scarf then cover it with a satin bonnet.  I wake up the next morning and shake it out.  Let me know what you think about this style.

Big twists poppin’
View of the Back
The unraveled twists


Progress Report: These photos are a month apart. Can you see a difference? (Left: November 17th, 2015. Right: December 16th, 2015)


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